Exactly as described. Fits right into the tub and I like the fact I can remove the arms.

Regain your independence & confidence with the fully adjustable medical shower chair

The extra-wide shower seat is equipped with padded handles to make the process of standing & sitting as easy as possible

Medical Shower Chair | Bath Seat | Bathtub Stool

Assembles In Minutes – No Tools Required

Original price was: $199.Current price is: $179.

(38 customer reviews)


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The medical shower chair with arms and with adjustable legs are constructed of heavy duty molded plastic and an aluminum anodized frame for a long lasting and rust free life.

The seat height is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of user heights and comes with water drainage holes to prevent slipping.

Shower Chair is the perfect solution for the elderly, seniors, adults, disabled, pregnant women or those who have trouble bending, stretching, have arthritis, recent knee or hip surgery, or are rehabilitating.

  • 135 kg | 300lbs capacity
  • Adjustable seat height – 38cm to 50cm
  • Seat – 40cm x 34cm
  • Fully portable weight – 2.5kg | 5.6lbs

adjustable shower chair with arms

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Original price was: $199.Current price is: $179.

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medical shower chair bench


This bath chair shower seat with arms assembles in just minutes with no tools required. The bath seat height is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of user heights. Ideal shower stool bench for small spaces and bathtub.


Aluminum shower chair plastic bath bench with sturdy adjustable height legs. This adjustable shower chair constructed of heavy duty molded plastic seat and aluminum anodized frame is long lasting


The medical shower chair safety seat for seniors, adults, elderly and disabled. Each leg of the shower seat is angled and features a rubber cup for slip resistance when in the slippery tub.


The white medical grade molded plastic seat of the shower chair is created specifically with drainage holes to prevent slip and fall accidents.
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38 reviews for Medical Shower Chair | Bath Seat Shower Bench With Arms

  1. Maiope Paraone

    It works well and is as described. If you are in need of a shower chair this is a good one because it is versatile in that you can use it without the back or arm rests if needed.

  2. Max Daniel

    Exactly as described. Fits right into the tub and I like the fact I can remove the arms.

  3. Sam

    Great little chair. It’s light weight, easy to put together. Because of the light weight it could feel a little less sturdy but it really is not.

  4. Imua Wetere

    This one will definitely easily fit into your shower

    My mother likes it

  5. Ethan

    Sturdy chair, well written directions. My biggest concern in buying this was that it was going to be too wide. Check out the pictures for measurements. Keep in mind that if you extend the legs for someone who’s taller and needs a high start, it will get wider at the base because of the angle. At this size, with my standard plastic moulded tub/shower, the feet weren’t squarely on the bottom of the tub, but where it started angling up. However the feet are very flexible and they make full contact. It’s very stable, I tried tipping backwards and there was no way one could accidentally tip back.

  6. Chris

    Got this chair for my daughter who had ACL and Meniscus repair surgery. She always felt it was sturdy for her. After nearly 2 months of use it still looks as if it is new. Having the arms also made her feel safer. Some of the pictures showing that they cannot get the arms on are because they have the legs backwards. Easy to assemble and worth every penny.

  7. Lesley Saunders

    I love my new shower chair,its so much better than any other shower chair than I have ever bought before, it makes taking a shower so much easier since I’m now handicapped!!!This is one awesome chair!!! No problems with shipping or packaging at all!!!

  8. Willy Mcdonald

    A very solid and well constructed chair for use in the shower by my handicapped son. Maybe when I get older I’ll use it myself.

  9. Ashton Newman

    This chair is really good. Im a bigger guy with psoriatic arthritis. It is hard to get in and out and take a shower but this chair is a big help. I weigh around 290 pounds and the chair is very sturdy with me sitting in it. No tools were required to put it together. Very easy to assemble.

  10. Danny Wiley

    I was afraid at first I had tried two other chairs I have a broken hip and a knee replacement so I have to be very careful but I found this chair to me extra sturdy and I can shower safely especially their have handles on the side and I like the holes in the bottom of the chair for the water can just run through this is a winner in my book and I have had many rehab shower chairs that I used in the hospital and they don’t stand up to this one I don’t know why no one ever got a chair like this one before this is great is very sturdy very strong

  11. Rowan Clark

    The size of the chair is just right for my shower. The quality is very good. And it’s easy to assemble. Make sure to use both hands on the handles so it doesn’t tip to one side. Not a problem if you’re careful.

  12. Caden Holland

    This chair suits my purposes perfectly. It assembled with ease and within moments. It’s completely sturdy, comfortable, and small enough that I can put it in and take it out of my shower with ease. I needed a chair temporarily after my last surgery, and had a great deal of difficulty getting a plastic chair in the shower. I then purchased this to be used when needed. I actually use it as a small chair in my bedroom until needed. So I find it perfect.

  13. Kit Lott

    I purchased this to be ready for surgical recovery … and am so glad I did! The assembly directions were easy to follow and the process was also easy – I put it together myself. This chair is sturdy, stable, and has been a terrific aid to me. Adjusting the height was also easy and necessary to allow for a lesser bend in the knees when getting in or out of it. I like that it can be easily taken apart to store when this recovery is done … until the next season of need. Thank you!

  14. Lee Snow

    This shower chair was just what we needed. It was quick and easy to assemble and it’s very stable in our shower. I looked at several types of shower chairs and opted for this one because it offered a back and arms. My wife is experiencing difficulty with her arms and having arms on the chair make it much easier for her to get back up. The back is a great safety feature, so that she does not inadvertently fall backward while sitting. This may not be the least expensive option, but the price was reasonable and I am very happy with it.

  15. Sam D.

    This chair does a nice job. It fit inside my tub pretty well even with the legs fully extended out. I could take the side handle off and let me get into the chair very easily. Since I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle that was a nice feature. It did bother me a little bit that it would get slightly wobbly when I was first sitting down, but once I was planted it seemed to be plenty sturdy. The legs were at an angle that made the suction cups not work on my tub but if you had a big enough tub, they would work just fine.

  16. Jacqueline Wood

    I got this for my father in law who was using a plastic chair in the shower. It was easy to put together but notice there is one washer and it goes in the middle as does the longest of the shorter screws. My husband had put it together before he recognized what the directions meant. He made the comment that it was not worded correctly but he and my father in law figured it out. I did not take long to adjust. We were pleased with the chair and feel it is nice and will work well.

  17. Bryan

    I got this chair to assist with showering following a patellar dislocation. It raises to a very nice height that’s super comfortable for me (I am 5’9). This was my primary concern because it’s hard enough to get up off the couch with one left supporting me, but to add in the danger of doing so on a slippery shower floor was worrisome. But I needn’t have worried because this chair is comfortable in height and width, and feels sturdy beneath my 200+ lbs.
    Assembly was easy but like others, we had issues with the directions being outdated. It’s easy enough if you have common sense though!

  18. Vic Rose

    This shower chair has been such a lifesaver after my recent surgery. When you are laid up due to a surgery or injury, you can find yourself sinking in to depression very easily. Being able to have some independence makes you feel a world of difference. The first time I was able to get a shower made me feel human again. The chair is sturdy and easy to assemble. Highly recommended. Was able to use the handles to safely land onto the chair.

  19. Summer Harrison

    Got this for my parents; super SUPER easy to put together with the twistable screws that came with the package. Everywhere that’s screwable is sturdy; but the handlebars on each side are snap into place and they’re a tad wobbly, understandable, but still needs to be pointed out. My parent’s bathtub came with an already attached hand railing so we took one from the chair and that made it fit a bit better in the tub in general. Good product for any seniors or anyone recovering from a procedure overall.

  20. Alec

    This shower chair is great! I had extensive spinal surgery & was too weak to stand in shower! We bought this one because of extendable height & no tools were needed to assemble! It has remained solid & sturdy! I highly recommend this chair! We saved the box it came in & since I don’t need it after 5 months, it fits right back into original box with handle! You really can’t beat this!

  21. Lee James

    This chair is sturdy, height adjustable and has a bigger back than some models. It drains very well so it dries quickly. Just what we needed to keep my mom safe when she showers. The handles are very useful for her in getting up. Some models were not as steady on their feet when she used them to help her stand up so we highly recommend this product.

  22. Blake Mason

    My mom is about 115 pounds. The arms are an important feature. Mom can hold onto the arms while getting into chair. It is kind of light weight. It has rubber feet so it should be stable. She leans on the arm to get in and it seems able to support her.
    Mom can now sit in her shower and enjoy a long refreshing shower – which she could not do before.

  23. Elliot James

    I needed a chair in the shower after a knee replacement surgery. It really has been helpful, and it is sturdy, making me feel safe taking a shower. I’m about ready to shower without it now, but it was so helpful this past month and a half. I will store it for future use, as needed – or to share with someone. I highly recommend it.

  24. Anthony E.

    This chair is a perfect example of a shower chair. Unfortunately, I had to return it because my bathtub is too narrow to be able to use it. I was very disappointed because the chair is very sturdy and would have been ideal otherwise. I don’t think you could go wrong in purchasing it, but be sure you measure your bathtub first.

  25. Janna Madison

    First let me start by saying I use reviews to help me make buying decisions all the time but i never write reviews myself. But this time I had to because I Love it! This chair is a lifesaver. The wide seat and high back really made me feel secure while in shower. I had two major knee surgeries this year and this chair made showering less scarey. The Arms are removable which is helpful. It fits perfectly in my standard size tub. So happy I purchased this.

  26. Mikaela Edwards

    I purchased this for my Aunt who lives alone and isn’t in the best health and I worry about her in the shower since she said she felt light headed sometimes. We have built in seats in all of our showers and she always loves it when visiting. I surprised her with this and had it shipped to her. She called and first told me she mad that I ordered it, then I explained since mine and my husbands mothers have passed she’s the closest I have Happy Mothers Day! She said it was The Cadillac of Shower Chairs and felt like a Queen sitting on it!! She thinks I paid A lot more for it. So if anyone is on the fence about buying this Get Off The Fence and Buy It! You won’t be sorry

  27. Casey Hoover

    This arrived exactly on time. Exactly as pictured. All parts were included. Assembly took less than 5 minutes. No tools are required at all. All that is required is to follow the instructions and twist on the hand tightened screws…simple simple simple.

  28. Cameron Bailey

    I like the product for the purpose that I need for. I have very bad knees so I can’t kneel on the floor so I use this in the shower to sit my Yorkie to give her a bath. I am standing up when I bath her. This chair was good for the reason I need it.

  29. Brook Baldwin

    I purchased this chair after having two mini strokes and it has been amazing! It’s helped me with not feeling like I am going to fall over in the shower every two seconds. I have other health issues as well and showering for the past few years hasn’t been enjoyable. Now I can finally relax and enjoy myself without fear of falling.

    I bought this for my 82 year old mother…

    Was a little nervous at the thought of having to assemble the chair, however it was very easy and took less than 20 minutes from opening the box to assembled and putting in the shower for her.

    I would recommend this product for anyone that has or has loved ones that have mobility/standing issues.

    Great Product!

  30. Steff Riddle

    Recovering from leg surgery and temporarily unable to stand, I needed something so I could sit down in the shower. This chair proved to be the perfect device. I really like it.

    The assembly instructions could use a little help, but it went together fast and simply in less than 10 minutes. It is sturdy and comfortable. I recommend it.

  31. Cory Carson

    This shower chair has held up fantastically for many showers now. It is sturdy, yet easy to remove from the shower. I have not noticed or attempted to utilize the suction power; my shower floor most likely does not support this function. Safety was the most important design and it has delivered.

  32. Reggie Riley

    This chair is very sturdy and easy to take apart of needed. I love how it is rust proof and can support my weight easily. I weight 280lbs and this chair hold me no problem

  33. Sidney Hurley

    Purchased this for my father in law. The handles were perfect to aid in getting up and down and the seat was sturdy and wide. Fit our basic bathtub and the legs adjust for height. Also light weight so my father in law was able to lift it in and out of the bath himself. Assembly was incredibly easy and we even took it apart to ship it with us on vacation.

  34. Kian Adams

    Loved this chair. I was ready to assemble a difficult kit. This was so easy. No tools. Everything snapped securely into place. Didn’t even have time to open instructions. Done in five minutes

  35. Casey Wilkins

    Assembly is easy but not intuitive, read the instructions thoroughly! Easy adjustments and cleaning is a breaze. Arm rests are nice addition. Highly recommend.

  36. Riley Russell

    Great shower chair. Rubber grips on the legs, rubber coated arm grips which make it so much safer to get up when you’re hands are wet. Comfortable. Lightweight. Highly recommend this product.

  37. Jamie Reese

    Very sturdy, fits in our shower with ease. I have very long hair and face the chair away from the water stream to allow best access to my hair. Has been a life saver for me during my recovery.

  38. Phillip

    Totally awesome shower chair. Simple to put together, in use now as I type this review. Great service thank you very much.

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