It’s a little challenging to work with at first since it’s a pretty sturdy steel product and joining the pieces together takes a little getting used to. That said, it’s a great looking product and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again if needed.

The premium corten landscape edging will be a stunning addition to your garden area

Quick & Easy To Install – No Digging Required. Supplied ready to use

Corten Steel Edge | Cor-ten Landscaping Edge | Rusty Garden Edging


per metre

A Variety Of Options to Choose From

NO MINIMUMS - Order just the length (in metres) you need


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Our high grade weathering steel has a unique look and naturally oxidizing finish.

Weathering steels are a group of steel alloys which were developed to remove the need for painting which form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements.

SPECIFICATIONS - 100mm Face Height

buy 100mm rusty metal landscaping edge

  • 1075mm lengths (1m sections with a 75mm interlock overlap)
  • 100 mm face height.
  • Thickness (gauge) is 1.5mm
  • Spikes are 100mm long (x7 spikes per metre length)
  • Weight per length – 1.6kg
SPECIFICATIONS - 150mm Face Height

buy 150mm metal border edging australia

  • Length: 1075mm lengths (1m sections with a 75mm interlock overlap)
  • Face Height: 150 mm
  • Thickness (gauge):  1.5mm
  • Spikes: are 95mm long (x7 spikes per metre length)
  • Weight: per length - 1.7kg
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NO MINIMUMS - Order just the length (in metres) you need

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buy corten garden edges new zealand
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Cor-ten steel landscape edging is an important, but often overlooked, part of landscape design that will improve any property’s curb appeal.

While simply acting as a separator of two different areas, rusting metal garden edging is considered a design secret of professional landscapers. The corten lawn edging keeps plants and garden materials in place.

It also separates grass and pathways to give off a clean-cut and organised look that makes rusted garden edging visually appealing.



Place the edging around raised flower beds, trees, and gardens and use a hammer to drive the spiked edging into place for a secure, long lasting border


Effective at defining and separating the different areas of the garden. It holds fast in all soils, keeps a perfect straight line and bends to virtually any shape.

The rust finish complements any existing Cor-Ten features and brings an element of history to the garden. Very effective at controlling grass runners – when 30mm of the actual edge as well as the spikes is hammered into the ground it creates an effective barrier that will stop the runners invading paths or garden beds.



For shorter lengths, simply measure out the amount needed for your project

Rusted garden edging

Rusted garden edging can be made of bare cold rolled steel or Corten steel. The steel used for our lawn edging is made of strong, long lasting, and durable Corten/A606-4 Steel.

Corten steel has a significantly longer lifespan than bare cold rolled steel. It will hold its shape and not bend under pressure.

The beautiful rustic finish of Corten Landscape Edging and Stakes will allow it to seamlessly blend into many different landscape styles.

What is Weathering Steel (Corten Steel)?

Weathering steel, best-known under COR-TEN steel and sometimes written without the hyphen as “Corten steel”, is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years.

“Weathering” means that due to their chemical compositions, these steels exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels.

This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. The corrosion-retarding effect of the protective layer is produced by the particular distribution and concentration of alloying elements in it.

The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to form the ‘protective’ coating.

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Corten Steel Edge
Corten Steel Edge is a unique and durable landscaping solution that not only defines your garden’s borders but also adds a distinct rusted aesthetic that complements various outdoor settings.
How can Cor-ten Landscaping Edge benefit my garden or landscape design?
Cor-ten Landscaping Edge serves as a robust and attractive boundary that helps prevent soil erosion, maintain garden beds’ shape, and adds a rustic charm to your landscaping.
Is Rusty Garden Edging suitable for both contemporary and traditional garden designs?
Yes, Rusty Garden Edging’s weathered appearance makes it a versatile choice that works well with both contemporary and traditional garden styles, adding character to any landscape.
Can Corten Steel Edge be customized to specific lengths or shapes?
Many Corten Steel Edge options are customizable, allowing you to tailor the length and shape to fit your garden’s unique layout and requirements.
Is Cor-ten Landscaping Edge resistant to harsh weather conditions?
Yes, Cor-ten Landscaping Edge is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring its longevity and performance throughout the seasons.
Does Rusty Garden Edging require any maintenance to retain its appearance?
Rusty Garden Edging naturally develops a protective patina, requiring minimal maintenance while maintaining its rustic appearance over time.
Can Corten Steel Edge be used for raised garden beds?
Yes, Corten Steel Edge is suitable for creating beautiful borders around raised garden beds, providing a functional and visually appealing solution.
Is Cor-ten Landscaping Edge easy to install, or should I seek professional help?
Cor-ten Landscaping Edge is designed for easy installation, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts. However, professional installation services are also available if needed.
Can Rusty Garden Edging be used for edging pathways and walkways?
Absolutely, Rusty Garden Edging can define pathways and walkways, adding an artistic touch while creating clear, organized garden spaces.
Are there different thickness options for Corten Steel Edge?
Yes, Corten Steel Edge comes in various thicknesses, allowing you to choose the one that suits your garden’s specific requirements and design preferences.
Can Cor-ten Landscaping Edge be used to create curves and unique garden shapes?
Yes, Cor-ten Landscaping Edge is flexible and can be shaped to create curves and unique garden layouts, enhancing your landscaping creativity.
Where can I purchase Rusty Garden Edging materials, and are there different finishes available?
You can find Rusty Garden Edging materials at garden centers, landscaping supply stores, and online retailers. Some options may offer different finishes, so you can choose the one that suits your taste.
Does Corten Steel Edge work well with garden lighting features?
Yes, Corten Steel Edge can be integrated with garden lighting to create stunning visual effects, making it an ideal choice for illuminated landscapes.
Can Cor-ten Landscaping Edge be used for commercial landscaping projects?
Cor-ten Landscaping Edge is suitable for both residential and commercial landscaping projects, adding durability and style to any outdoor space.
Is Rusty Garden Edging safe for children and pets?
Rusty Garden Edging is generally safe for children and pets once it has developed its protective patina. It poses no harm when used as directed.
Can Corten Steel Edge be painted or customized to match specific color schemes?
While the natural rusted appearance is a popular choice, some Corten Steel Edge options can be customized with different finishes or colors to suit your design preferences.
Are there eco-friendly benefits to using Cor-ten Landscaping Edge?
Yes, Cor-ten Landscaping Edge is known for its longevity and low maintenance, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping solution.
Can Rusty Garden Edging be easily relocated if I want to redesign my garden?
Some Rusty Garden Edging options are designed for easy relocation, making it convenient to update your garden’s layout.
How can I ensure the longevity of my Corten Steel Edge?
Proper installation and occasional maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, will help ensure the long-lasting beauty of your Corten Steel Edge.
Where can I purchase Cor-ten Landscaping Edge materials and get more information?
You can find Cor-ten Landscaping Edge materials at local garden centers, home improvement stores, or online retailers. For more information, you can consult with landscaping experts or check manufacturer websites.
Can the ends where they clip together then be bent to make a square?
You can bend the edging to form a corner. It is easier, however to bend the middle of a section as opposed to closer the the end.
Can you cut it if you don't need all of one piece?
Yes, it can be cut with a hacksaw or grinder.
Will the rust colour bleed onto the white garden gravel?
No, there is no colour run off during the 5 weeks rusting period or after that. White gravel or white pavers will not become stained.
Will the steel rust away to a pile of flakes?
Cor-Ten is much more stable than normal steel. The rusting process only takes place on the outside thus protecting the steel on the inside.
What happens if something scrapes off the rust finish?
If the Cor-Ten does receive a scratch so that the inner silver steel is exposed, it will just rust in the same 5 week period and the scratch will be sealed over.
Cor-Ten Landscaping Edge: A Rustic Touch for Timeless Garden Design

In the world of garden landscaping, innovation often leads to the rediscovery of classic materials. One such material making a stunning comeback is Cor-Ten Landscaping Edge, also known as Corten Steel Edge or Rusty Garden Edging. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what Cor-Ten landscaping edging is, its unique characteristics, and why it’s becoming a favored choice for those seeking to blend rustic aesthetics with contemporary garden design.

1. What Is Cor-Ten Landscaping Edge?

Cor-Ten, short for “corrosion resistance” and “tensile strength,” is a group of steel alloys developed to eliminate the need for painting. Cor-Ten steel acquires a rust-like appearance over time, forming a protective layer of rust that actually prolongs its lifespan. Cor-Ten landscaping edge utilizes this material to create distinctive borders and edging for gardens and landscapes.

2. The Unique Characteristics of Corten Steel Edge:

**a. Rustic Aesthetics: The hallmark of Cor-Ten is its weathered, rusted appearance. This lends a timeless and rustic charm to your garden, creating a striking contrast with the greenery.

**b. Durability: Despite its rustic look, Cor-Ten steel is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for decades without significant degradation.

**c. Low Maintenance: Cor-Ten landscaping edge requires minimal maintenance. Its rusted surface is actually a protective layer that inhibits further corrosion.

**d. Customizable: Cor-Ten can be easily cut and shaped to create custom edging designs to suit your garden’s unique layout and style.

3. Why Choose Rusty Garden Edging?

**a. Aesthetic Versatility: Whether your garden style is traditional, modern, or eclectic, Cor-Ten landscaping edge can seamlessly blend in or stand out as a focal point.

**b. Longevity: Cor-Ten landscaping edge is an investment that pays off over time. It won’t deteriorate quickly, and its weathered appearance only adds to its character.

**c. Environmentally Friendly: Cor-Ten steel is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-conscious choice for garden landscaping.

**d. Easy Installation: Cor-Ten landscaping edge is relatively easy to install, and its adaptability allows for creative, curved designs.

4. How to Care for Corten Landscaping Edging:

Caring for Cor-Ten landscaping edge is straightforward:

  • Leave It Be: The rusted patina on Cor-Ten steel acts as a natural barrier against further corrosion, so no painting or sealing is necessary.

  • Regular Cleaning: Simply clean the surface with water to remove any dirt or debris. The rust layer will continue to protect the steel.

5. Incorporating Cor-Ten Flower Bed Edge into Your Garden:

  • Pathway Borders: Define garden paths and walkways with Cor-Ten edging for a clean and polished look.

  • Garden Beds: Use Cor-Ten landscaping edge to create distinct borders for your flower or vegetable beds, preventing soil erosion.

  • Water Features: Surround water features or ponds with Cor-Ten steel for a harmonious blend of nature and design.

  • Retaining Walls: Consider using Cor-Ten for retaining walls, adding both functionality and aesthetics to your garden.

6. Conclusion: Timeless Beauty in Your Garden

Cor-Ten landscaping edge is more than just a functional addition to your garden; it’s a statement of timeless beauty and durability. With its rustic charm and long-lasting appeal, Cor-Ten steel edging can transform your garden into a work of art that evolves gracefully over time. Embrace the fusion of the old and the new with Cor-Ten landscaping edge, and watch your garden flourish in rustic elegance.


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